Cleaning and Maintenance of Bathroom Hardware

2019-10-14 81

       Cleaning and Maintenance of Bathroom Hardware

  1. All metal objects and objects that can cause damage to the product surface should be prevented from colliding with the product surface.

  2. Please remember that after each cleaning, it is necessary to remove all detergents with clean water immediately and dry them with special maintenance cloth (or other 100% cotton cloth) for hangings, otherwise water stains and dirt may appear on the surface of hangings.

  3. Develop the habit of opening doors and windows, adhere to the maintenance methods of bathroom air dredging, dry and wet bathroom hangings respectively.

  4. Paint has a great corrosive effect on the surface coating of hangers. Do not let the paint stick to the hangers.

  5. For stubborn dirt, surface dirt film and stain which are difficult to remove, please use warm liquid cleaner, colorless glass cleaner or polishing liquid without abrasion, and then clean hardware pendant with clean water to remove all cleaner and dry it with soft cotton cloth.

  6. Use clean water to wash Hardware pendants and dry them with soft cotton cloth. Do not use any abrasive detergent, cloth or paper towel, and any acid detergent, polishing abrasive or detergent or paste to wipe the faucet surface.

  7. Every three months, wax oil with strong decontamination ability can be applied on clean white cotton cloth, and the whole product can be completely cleaned, so that the service life of the product can be moderately extended.

  8. Chromium-plated surface will degrade the surface gloss of hardware pendant and directly affect its surface quality because of the long-term residual existence of various detergents and bath lotions used in peacetime. Clean the surface of hardware pendant with soft cloth at least once a week, preferably with neutral detergent.

  When purchasing bathroom hardware, we must choose the norms of shopping mall practices in order to prevent the deterioration in the future and to remove the punching in ceramic tiles at the time of replacement, which greatly affects the elegance of the bathroom.

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