Anti-rust Maintenance Treatment of Spacing Hardware Fittings in Toilets

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  Anti-rust Maintenance Treatment of Spacing Hardware Fittings in Toilets

  1. We usually use bath lotion for a long time residual chrome-plated appearance will degrade the faucet appearance and directly affect the beauty of bathroom hardware. So regularly scrub the faucets and hardware with clean water and cotton cloth to ensure the bright gloss of the pendant, at least once a week.

  2. Frequently open doors and windows, adhere to the smooth air in the bathroom, wet and dry separation is the maintenance of bathroom pendants.

  3. Wax oil has a strong decontamination ability. It can extend the service life of products by thoroughly cleaning Hardware pendants on clean white cotton cloth. Keep in mind that after each cleaning, all detergents must be removed immediately with clean water and dried with special maintenance cloth for pendants, otherwise ugly water stains and dirt may appear on the surface of pendants.

  4. Do not place wet articles on hardware hangers. Paint has corrosive effect on hangers and cannot be placed together.

  In general, stainless steel will not rust. But if the use or maintenance of stainless steel is inappropriate, or the environment in which stainless steel is located is too harsh, stainless steel may appear rusty phenomenon. When we see yellow or orange rust stains on the surface of steel, we can quickly confirm that they are signs of rust. Stainless steel is a crystalline solid consisting of similar toys arranged in atoms. In addition to iron, it also contains metal components such as chromium, nickel and titanium. Chromium and nickel elements have anti-rust function. They form a protective film - passive film to avoid stainless steel rusting. Normally, stainless steel will not rust as long as the film is not damaged, cracked or contaminated by impurities. However, stainless steel will rust if the blunt film is destroyed due to improper use or maintenance. So the most important thing is to do the most basic maintenance work well. If you buy a set of hardware fittings for bathroom interval from scratch, it will also cost a lot.

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