What are the hardware fittings for bathroom interval

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  What are the hardware fittings for bathroom compartment?

  1. First of all, let's talk about the support foot, which can be made of 12 mm (anti-Bet plate) and 18 mm (ordinary plate); 110 mm-130mm adjustable height; can be made into a plate with arbitrary thickness, higher or lower device height; can choose 316L stainless steel raw material to produce, so he is very important.

  2. Door lock, rotary lock handle, more and more easy to use and not affected by plate deformation; with emergency door opening switch; with no sign; inside rotary lock handle, positioning every 90 degrees; the diameter of indicator plate is 55 mm.

  3. The handle is also very important for the toilet interval. Its diameter is 38mm. You can choose single-sided device or internal and external opposite device, and you can choose 316L stainless steel raw material.

  4. Corner code is also one of the bathroom interval hardware, its thickness is generally 3 mm; countersunk head screws are carefully polished, more harmonious and beautiful.

  5. Hoop, suitable for internal door opening, with nylon lifting surface to complete automatic return, and can adjust the closing point of view, there are 48 points can be adjusted, each time adjusting 7.5 degrees; sub-points, to distinguish the way of internal door opening.

  6. Suspender, splint thickness 12 mm (anti-Bet plate) and 18 mm (common plate);

  It can be manufactured into clamping plate with arbitrary thickness, higher or lower device height, 316L stainless steel raw material can be selected for production, and the diameter of stainless steel tie rod pipe is 32 mm.

  7. Screws and nuts: These two kinds of hardware fittings will almost appear in the place where each demand is applied to the hardware fittings. The normal use of other hardware fittings depends on the cooperation of these two. Although they are relatively small, the quality of the screw and nut affects the quality of the whole bathroom interval. Therefore, it is very important to select and purchase the screw and nut whose quality has passed the standard.

  8. The floor drain can be said to be one of the most important hardware accessories. It is an important interface between the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the toilet, its function directly affects the quality of indoor air, and plays an important role in the floor drain odor control in the bathroom.

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