How to choose kitchen hardware?

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  As the saying goes, "golden kitchen, silver and satellite", in the two important spaces at home, the little details that need our attention most are hardware. How to choose kitchen hardware? Kitchen and sanitary hardware can be divided into cistern, hardware pendant, tap, flower sprinkler and floor drain. Kitchen hardware is the best choice of stainless steel materials, including faucets, sinks and so on.

  Kitchen sink:

  Material thickness should be moderate, too thin will affect the service life and strength of the flume. Depth of about 20 centimeters is better, which can properly avoid splashing, with the best overflow.

  Bathroom hardware pendant:

  Choose pure copper or 304 stainless steel, there is only one reason, the water vapor weight of the bathroom is not easy to rust. Aluminum in space is cheaper, but the outer coating is very thin. Once the coating is polished, it will rust in a large area soon. Influencing toilet aesthetic feeling, short service life.

  The floor drain:

  Bathroom odor is often a problem of floor drain. The floor drain chooses copper-plated odor-proof core, which can not only prevent odor, but also isolate mosquitoes from entering the sewer.


  Flower spraying faucet material is generally made of copper, the best of all copper, because copper is less easy to rust than steel and other metals, the appearance of flower spraying nozzle is best through five electroplating treatment.

  Other sprinkler valve core material, the best high hardness of ceramics, ceramics as a material to make the valve core has better sealing, after use and not rust, it will not be astringent.


  Hinges advocate the selection of stainless steel materials, good-looking, corrosion-resistant, more durable than ordinary steel materials, strength is also high.

  Drawer slides:

  Generally, it can be divided into three types: support type, steel ball type and roller type.

  Steel ball type: smooth sliding, convenient installation;

  Bottom-supporting type: The track is at the bottom of the drawer. There is no friction and noise when sliding, and it can close automatically.

  Roller type: Because the distance between the roller and the slit of the slideway is relatively large, it is easy to accumulate dust and other substances. Long-term use can easily cause Carton derailment, so it is not advocated to use it.


  Choose pure copper or 304 stainless steel material for the hinge. To achieve silent opening and closing, 56 steel beads can be selected. The thickness is better than 2 mm, which is more useful.

  Indoor lock:

  Hand locks are widely used in indoor locks. Material alloy, pure copper or 304 stainless steel will not rust after long use. Hand locks are more convenient for opening doors, such as holding something in your hand and opening the door with your elbow. Locks should be purchased with door suction, silence to avoid knocking on the door. Do not recommend to buy bearing locks, because the market "bearing locks" bearing seats are mostly pasted materials, technology is not pass.

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